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"I am not just another number! None of us are!"

Fives was a arc trooper in the 501st legion. His designation in the clone army was ARC-5555. He was a member of domino squad that helped them win there last training. His first experience fighting droids was when he was stationed on a outpost at Rishi. He found out about the inhibitor chips and tried to warn everybody but fox killed him.


Fives and the rest of his squad were struggling with training for a while. One day a clone named 99 inspired them to work as a team and win. After the training they got deployed on Rishi.

Time on Rishi[]

On Rishi domino squad got stationed on an outpost. Hevy complained that they should be on the front lines and not lone after a squad of commando droids invaded the outpost. One commando droid killed the sergeant of the squad well the rest escaped and called for help. Pretty soon after Cody and Rex came as reinforcements. Then they blew up outpost at the cost of Hevy's life.

Battle of Kamino[]

During the battle of Kamino Fives fought alongside Echo, Rex, and Cody. They saved a group of cadets but were not able to save 99, who died trying to get more grenades. At the end of the battle, Fives and Echo were promoted to Arc Troopers.

Battle of Lola Sayu[]

After the Battle of Kamino, Fives and Echo were assigned to a mission to rescue Jedi master Even Piell from the citadel on Lola Sayu. After being frozen in carbon to sneak past enemy scanners, the team was successful at infiltrating the citadel. They were able to get inside the Citadel and free Piell, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, and some captive clone officers from the citadel. Later, the team got pursued by separatists delaying a meet with Obi-wan Kenobis team. A plan was made to meet back at the citadels airfields. During a big fight, Fives and Echo tried to get into a shuttle. Echo got in but it exploded. Unknown to the team, Separatists captured Echo. Later, they got chase by Anoobas. Piell was killed when the Anoobas caught up. The team got picked up by Plo Koons extraction team and headed back to Coruscant.